Aschiana has been running sports programs since its initial days. Over the past 20 years, we have received several national and international awards and prizes in sports. Hundreds of street-working children have been trained at the Aschiana day-care centre in football, basketball, volleyball and judo over the years.

Aschiana has been an active part in the government’s sports department and has trained teachers and sports trainers for the Ministry of Education. We have worked with the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee and its various government federations of Afghanistan like football, judo, volleyball and basketball.




Few of Aschiana’s achievements over the years are stated below:

  • Aschiana has trained more than 150 sports teachers and facilitators for the Ministry of Education in Kabul.
  • Children from this project at Aschiana participated in various competitions nationally and internationally and have received accolades.
  • In 2015, children from Aschiana have received gold medals for the first and bronze of the third positions at the South Asian Judo Tournament held in Bangladesh.
  • In 2016, one of our female members of Aschiana Judo Team was selected for the National Judo Team to represent Afghanistan at national and international level.
  • Since the inception of this program in 2002 and till 2019, 32 members of Aschiana Football Team (18 boys and 14 girls) have been selected for the National Football Team to represent Afghanistan at national and international level.
  • In 2017, children from Aschiana participated in an international Judo competition held in Tajikistan. They bagged the first position with a gold medal and the third position with a bronze medal.
  • Sports Trainers of Aschiana have participated in workshops and seminars in UAE, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Norway, Sweden and India on training methodology and use of technology in sports.