Aschiana aims to support street-working children and reintegrate them to governmentschools. School sponsorship is one of the programs which is largely aided by individual donors. We pay a sum of $30 to every child we sponsor to buy educational material and support their studies. Hence, reducing the working hours on the children in the streets.
Social workers from Aschiana conducts surveys on the streets of Kabul and identify children working on the streets and encourages them to continue their studies. After selecting willing children, every child’s family signs an agreement form with Aschiana, which states that the family has agreed to send their child to school and if the child discontinues, Aschiana willstop their sponsorship.
The sponsored children have made remarkable achievements in the fields of education, music, sports and arts.
At present, more than 196 children are being supported through this sponsorship program. Since 2003 more than 12,000 street-working and vulnerable children have moved toward a brighter future after successfully graduating from high schools through Aschiana’s school sponsorship program. Many of them have delivered brilliant in universities and secured decent jobs, become self-sufficient, and are supporting their families.