Art Based Therapy

Afghanistan has been devastated by violence, and it is estimated that half the population experiences depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress, which can have a disastrous impact on people’s mental health and the well-being of their relatives and friends.

‘Arts- Based Therapy’ or ABT has been implemented by Aschiana since its inception. Different art forms like painting, calligraphy, miniaturizing and storytelling are used to bring about healing, growth and change. ABT is based on the understanding that each person possesses intellect, body, emotions and subtle energy fields. Each of these dimensions are created in alignment with the individual’s purpose in creation.Thousands of children have been trained provisionally, including the street working children as well as students of the Kabul University.

Children who have attended Aschiana’s Art Therapy classes have participated in several national and international art exhibitions and competitions and achieved awards and certificates. Some of those are as follows:

  • Children from Aschiana have participated in exhibitions andart competitions organized by the various embassies like the U.S.A, French, German,U.K., Canada, Japan and China in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • In 2018, children from Aschiana participated in a national competition organized by the Ministry of Commerce in Kabul. Children of the age group 10-18 took part from all over the country, our children received awards and participation certificatesin the competition.
  • In 2016, childrenfromAschiana participated in a competition in Egypt organized by WHO. One of our studentssecured second position in the competition.
  • In 2015, students of Aschiana took part in a competition in Egypt organized by WHOon “Food Security”. Two of our students bagged the first and third prizes, respectively.
  • In 2012, children from Aschiana participated in an international art competition in Italy on Child Rights. Students from 80 countries participated in the competition. One of ourstudentssecured third positionin the competition.
  • In 2011, UNDP and Ministry of Interior developed a yearly calendar themed on Child Rights, all of the drawing were selected from Aschiana’s children group.