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Shahid Afridi Foundation

Shahid Afridi foundation perceived as one of the most reliable charity organization among the other NGOs in Pakistan. SAF initiated back in 2014. Since its inception, the organisation is making sure the improvement of society by indulging perpetually in the act of kindness.The organization is committed to serving individuals with love and support. The base works like a family where each member is working towards one goal helping the underprivileged segments of society. The principal focus is on helping individuals who require a life, access to a suitable education and basic medical necessities. Kids are the future of the country plus they ought to be equipped with the instrument of knowledge, thus permitting them to blossom independently and contribute towards the improvement of society hence education charities in this respect could make massive differences — Shahid Afridi Foundation – A Non-gain organization.

Following are the areas that can be improved with your donations.

Shahid Afridi Hospital

(Sahibzada Fazal Rehman Charity Hospital)

The hospital is providing free health care services to the ailing people. Equip with the medical instruments that offer basic health care.

Thar Hospital

The hospital is providing free health care services to the ailing people. Equip with the medical instruments that offer basic health care.

Shahid Afridi Foundation School

SAF wishes to eradicate illiteracy, particularly from the rural regions of Pakistan by ensuring free education for women. Those areas will grow only when the bases become active at the grass root level,is devoted to building schools in the failed regions of the country. Donate for kid education and permit us to create a better future for Pakistan than today.Providing free primary education to the underprivileged kids across Pakistan.Street Schools

The primary purpose of this initiative is to provide education to street children.The team organizes different events and campaigns with the aid of official company partners to raise funds for the foundation’s actions and gather education donation. Numerous medical/health-related programs have been carried out, yet a lot more is expected from the future.

Shahid Afridi Foundation Food Drive

Providing food to those who can’t afford in Pakistan and abroad as well.The belief is natural – everybody deserves an opportunity to chase their dreams and wishes. SAF need treatment and is currently fighting conflicts for all those struggling with ill health. It’s not only a company but rather a beam of hope for people with stopped smiling, that has led to the arrival of their motto, Hope Not Out!’. Click here to visit Shahid afridi foundation

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