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Charity In Pakistan

NGOs In Pakistan (2019) [Review]

Ngos in pakistan are playing vital role in human development.Importance of charity is of supreme value in every religion of the world.No religion that doesn’t support and encourage individuals to aid others. In our discussions had a comprehensive insight into the significance options available with regards to Ngos in Pakistan. The role it plays benefiting the donor as well as tshe receiver.

Until the mid of eighteenth century, the charity dispersed through relief, almshouses, churches, and gifts made from the wealthy individuals of the society.

Also these charities were also accountable for health, education, and housing of prisons in many cases.

NGOs in Pakistan

There are many Ngo’s in pakistan who are working on a range of projects with the core goal of serving the humankind and improving the lives of individuals.

List Of NGOs in Pakistan
Shahid Afridi Foundation
Edhi Foundation
Minhaj Welfare Foundation
Fauji Foundation
Ansar Burney Trust
Darul Sukun

Shahid Afridi Foundation

The Shahid Afridi Foundation was founded in March 2014.This initiative offers a step towards a better Pakistan by the renowned cricketer Shahid Afridi.

Shahid Afridi Foundation

Apparently he is known as Boom Boom global.

This Ngo established with the purpose of improving the living conditions of the poor and destitute at the society. Shahid afridi foundation is among the best Ngo’s in Pakistan

Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation is the only best foundation across Pakistan.Among the best social welfare providers across the world running on a non commercial, non political, and non communal basis.It is also among the few internationally acclaimed Ngos in Pakistan.

Edhi foundation

Run by Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi and Mrs. Bilquis Edhi on a national and international level for producing their exemplary services to humanity in multidimensional fields. Serving seven days a week without any discrimination of color, class, and creed.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is among the most prominent non government international charity organizations.

It has a network of branches and projects in over 100 nations worldwide.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation

MWF helps to support the poor and destitute in marginalized communities.

Working for their rights.Providing kids the access to Education, providing the poor access to Basic Health Care.

Paving the way for Social Economic and Welfare support.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (Founder’s Message)

One of the chief purposes behind the foundation of Minhaj Welfare Foundation was to set up a system of schools that will give a quality training that was available to the financially denied networks of Pakistan.

MWF (Minhaj Welfare Foundation) firmly trusts that education is the most critical establishment stone of any general public; without which the improvement and advancement of any country aren’t attainable.

Since our foundations, we have worked for more than 630 instructive organizations including schools, universities, libraries and a College.

Cooking for well more than 150,000 understudies and through this, we are adding to the jobs of more than 7000 families by the work of our scholarly and managerial staff.

MWF(Minhaj Welfare Foundation) firmly holds fast to the rationality that education ought to be enhanced through excellent and moral preparing. So the understudies may turn into a real commitment to the improvement of their networks.

In light of this our Instruction program gives an all-encompassing training that enables kids to lead useful and fruitful lives.

Fauji Foundation

Fauji Foundation (also known as Fauji Group), is among the most significant business conglomerate in Pakistan.They “Earns To Serve” the interests of ex-servicemen.

Fauji Foundation

Welfare conducted through health care, education, and vocational/technical training.

Ansar Burney

ansar burney trust

Started back in 1980 by Ansar Burney, Advocate in the Pakistani port city of Karachi; the Ansar Burney Trust was the first organization to introduce human rights in Pakistan.

Dar ul Sukun

Darul Sukun envision a society where all people with disability get preferential status.

Dar ul Sukun

They also gets access to health care, education, food, shelter, and employment opportunity so they live integrated and dignified life.

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