National Animal Welfare Trust
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National Animal Welfare Trust

National Animal Welfare Trust treats over 1200 pets in a year. It incepted back in 1971. They are the home for all sort of pets (cats, dogs, and many other animals). The organization is serving the community at large and alone operating 6-rescue facilities in the south part of the United Kingdom(UK). So far they are supported by the donations of generous animal lovers.

How Does the National Animal Welfare Trust Works?


National Animal Welfare Trust


As I have already mentioned they rescued over 1200 pets in a year.Post-rescue , these animals are then placed in a facility with a hope for a quick recovery. The organization also provides these animals with training and rehabilitative care that prepares them for fighting with odd times. Apart from this it is the first organization to recognize the need for an open paw program for animal rehabilitation.


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I hope i have provided you with enough reasons to donate to national animal welfare trust.Animals cant speak but they do feel pain like us.

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