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Muslim Aid (Serving Humanity In Need)

Muslim Aid is a UK based Islam charity NGO. The charity organization started by the former senior personnel of the Muslim Council of Britain. It is
a new board of seven members that took office in 2018 are handling its operation .Also, its chairperson is an Independent Management Consultant Iftikhar Awan, a former trustee of Islam Relief. It is currently a member of the Muslim Charities Forum. An umbrella organization for UK based Muslim led charities whose chief target is to provide aid and sustainable to the poorest and most vulnerable individuals around the globe.

This organisation is also working with an associate member of Bond.The united kingdom membership body for non-governmental organization.Also a member of NCVO, National Council for Voluntary Organizations.An organization with 11, 000 members who champion of the voluntary sector and volunteering.

Muslim Aid Work History

Their work in Pakistan in the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, to build housing seismically in conjunction with UK architectural charity Article 25 was highly appreciated. It also operated in China following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The humanitarian organization has completed its work in many regions of the world. They operated in Indonesia in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. They also worked in Bosnia following the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.

Currently, they are Working more than 70 nations in Africa, Asia, and Europe, It endeavors to enable the poor to conquer the enduring brought about by cataclysmic events and the absence of necessities.

Their Fully functioning offices are established in India and the Philippines. Muslim Aid has also enrolled and has its offices functioning in Sweden and the United states. Their head office is based in White chapel, London. The Muslim Assistance aid delivery footprint extends over 70 nations and is now among the largest of any NGO. The organisation works with every one of those in need, paying little mind to race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or political sentiment.

Even though crisis reaction is one of their top needs, the association additionally takes a shot at vital projects to destroy neediness.

  • Education related projects.
  • Training for professional.
  • The arrangement of clean water.
  • Human care administrations.
  • Rising entrepreneurial culture.

These ventures furnish individuals with access to fundamental necessities. It will provide aptitudes to create salary.So they are not for all time subject to help offices for sustenance and asylum.

Muslim Aid Ramadan Donation Campaign

The charity group is aiming to increase £, 6 million this Ramadan with a campaign asking people to make their Zakat count by donating it to encourage the charity’s work. Zakat is a religious duty for all adult Muslims that meet the criteria. It’s usually calculated as 2.5 percent of income for people whose personal wealth, or what they own, is greater than the cut off amount. The pre Ramadan campaign has already gone live across all their channels, along with direct mail supporters pack.

A combined marketing and advertising campaign will run through the United Kingdom.Through the month of Ramadan, on over 150 billboards, 385 bus back panels, and outdoor boards including the Bradford shopping center will have these ads.

The campaign will run in print advertising in national and community papers.In live television on the Islam channel.Also throughout Muslim Aid’s social networking channels. Celebrity chefs Madhur Jaffrey and Ainsley Harriott are campaigning support by sharing recipes.They do it for the breakfast and meals, to help individuals as they fast this Ramadan.

These recipes are being utilized in the guide mail as well as across all their channels and in selected publications. Rosina Louafi, Creative Director in Aid said

” We, in Muslim Aid have set the donor the heart of our creative campaign, and intention to capture the positive feelings associated with Ramadan and giving Zakat. We believe our fans will identify and relate to the strong eye catching imagery and are looking forward to seeing this roll out, as we’ve set our-self an ambitious target of increasing our finance with an additional 20% this year.”

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