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Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation is working since 1948, and is focusing on improving and protecting the health of animals. They have achieved it through scientific innovation, education, and inspiration. The organization’s investment in research has offered life-saving vaccines, new therapies for critical diseases, superior screening tests, and advanced diagnostic tools. It responds to the emerging animal health hazards which endanger whole species and make discoveries in basic animal biology to support applied research. The lifesaver has financed more than 2, 600 studies to date. The organisation strive to advance the science of veterinary medicine, honoring the founding principles of Dr. Mark L. A vet founded them for the development of diagnostic tools, vaccines, new drug therapies and surgical financing for the development of diagnostic tools, vaccines, new drug therapies and surgical.

How Morris Animal Foundation Work?

They finance cancer-focused studies on dogs, at globe than any other organization. The significance of their research study helps vets to understand pets life better. Their staff comprises of 40 individuals and 35 volunteer scientists. They have been improving animals health across the globe for nearly 70 years.

Morris Animal Foundation

So far they have invested over 126 million dollars to financed 2670 studies. These studies were aimed at improving the health of 300 species. Apart from this Morris animal foundation has studied more than 400 animal health-related problems. This lead to the diagnoses and treatments of those dangerous health diseases. Their key focused areas is cancer research and environmental elements effecting animal health at large.

The knowledge acquire through these research is then published publicly. The purpose of releasing it for the public is to empower vets with latest and improved analysis. These research analysis can help the vets in providing animals with better treatment. Their strategy is to finance research-based scientific studies, focusing on bringing advancement in the animal health sector. These studies as I said are than incorporated by the vets in their clinics and medical practice facility.Over all the organisation has earned 5- star rating on different review platforms.The organisations rating provides enough evidence of their reliability.

Animals are beautiful souls.Though they can speak but they do feel and experience different emotions. So far with you help and donations the animal research organisation has not only survived but also made a name in the industry..I urge you to make donations for this research organisation.Your donations does matter.For donations, you can visit the Morris Animal Foundation online.

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