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Minhaj Welfare Foundation

Who Is Minhaj Welfare Foundation?

MWF is a non-administrative universal help and welfare association and a part of Minhaj-ul-Quran Worldwide. It was established on 17 October 1989 by Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri and enlisted in the UK.

MWF’s undertakings are partition into four noteworthy classifications: Education, human services, crisis help, and welfare support.

MWF is a worldwide welfare association with several welfares extends the nation over and around the world for the oppressed and less particular areas of individuals.

Aims and Objectives of Minhaj Welfare Foundation

Following are the central goals of Minhaj Welfare Establishment

Minhaj Welfare Foundation
  • lighten neediness in the undeveloped areas of the world by growing long haul and feasible ventures.
  • To progress and advance human rights, fairness, and assorted variety regardless of race, shading, and belief on the planet.
  • To proceed in Helpful projects.
  • The attempt to anticipate brief time challenges and give long haul methods for maintainable living in South Asia, Center East, Africa, and North America.

Improving Education in minimized networks, concentrating on the following territories.

  • Break even with open doors for all (independent of sexual orientation) who approach education.
  • Improving education quality in primary and secondary.
  • Advancement of our present educational setup.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation Notable contributions

  • Aghosh
  • Bait ul zahra
  • Collective marriages
  • Emergency relief
  • Education
  • Health
  • Clean water

Minhaj Welfare Foundation In News

  • 15 couples offered at mass wedding service in Khanqah Dogran.
  • MQI Lahore organizes versatile therapeutic camp for PP 149.
  • Churchill Individual advised about MWF ventures.
  • Indonesia Emergency Request.
  • Aggregate relational unions function held under MWF Wah Cantt. Rawalpindi.
  • Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri introduces Portable Therapeutic Unit (versatile facility and lab van).
  • 6000 creatures butchered crosswise over nation under MWF on Eid.
  • Courses of action set up for penance of 6000 creatures on Eid-ul-Adha: MWF.
  • Qurbani 2018.
  • School for Ladies Khanewal.
  • India: Help Feed Task of MIWF finished – 2613 Recipient FAMILIES.

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