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Firstgiving Review (2019)

Firstgiving provides online fundraising and donation management applications for smaller nonprofit organizations. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The solution comes with advanced tools to plan, produce, execute and measure the success of fundraising campaigns and charity events.

If you are looking for an online platform for charity and donations, then FirstGiving is what you are looking for. This site equipped with convenient features like registration of an event, credit card related process and support page creation for the generation of new lead (donors).

FirstGiving began in 2003 as a route for individuals and groups to raise donations but 10 years later the group transformed into a giant platform for non profit fundraiser.

Eminent highlights of FirstGiving
1- Branded pages for non-profit organization
2- Branded pages for event
3- Online registration for event
4- For events with teams (Group registration)
5- Upon signup instant fundraising page creation
6- Level reporting for event
7- Donation management offline
8- Communication tools for fundraiser
9- For a low 2.5% fee real-time credit card processing
10-For Facebook and QR codes donate now buttons

FirstGiving fundraising application

FirstGiving fundraising application is available to fundraisers and donors alike. The interactive web interface assists nonprofits to expand their donor base, handle event registration and donor communication.

Is With FirstGiving Security and Customization is Priority?

With predefined custom templates, users can produce branded, a personalized non-profit page where they can tell a purposeful, personal story about their cause and create the consciousness needed to raise funds.

The software also features a secure transaction engine which makes donating a smooth, hassle-free part of the procedure.

How First Giving Works?

FirstGiving creates a page with a web address that consumers can share with family and friends through e-mail and social websites.

Addition to complimentary personal support for their organizations, This charity platform provides reporting on all events and fans, providing full visibility on campaign success and donor relationships.

What Makes First Giving Different?

  • It is effortless when it comes to usage and allows a lot of flexibility.
  • The capability to customize your fundraising pages allows our fundraisers the ability to tailor their information and also to share their stories/relationship with the organization they’re fundraising.

What do I dislike About
First Giving ?

The expenses associated with the platform. Though I do think giving donors a choice to pay the fee helps.

What business issues can you solve with this First Giving?  

  • This platform makes peer to peer improvement so much easier. People can have all of their event info in one place and are capable of pulling reports as needed.
  • Before the FirstGiving, organizations were using many platforms to protect their privacy and financial information. Now this platform is taking care of everything at one platform.

First Giving Fundraising Features.

  • Customize your peer-to-peer fundraising pages with your brand colors and emblem to keep the fundraising and giving experience consistent across all of your online stations.
  • It provides quick, simple, and secure online registration for your events.
  • Establish impact, time-sensitive campaigns. Make your countdown, donation shape to get a project. Supporters can share their fundraising pages through e-mail and social websites with ease.
  • Free access to HEP data’s database of over 200, 000 corporate compliance programs allows your donors to double the impact of their donation.

First Giving Fees

Following are the packages designed to cater different clients.Opt for the one you like.

For First Giving Donors

firstgiving pricing plan donor management
FirstGiving Price Plan For Donors Management

For First Giving Auctions and Events

firstgiving pricing plan online auctions and events
FirstGiving Price Plan For Online Auctions and Events

For First Giving Peer to Peer

firstgiving pricing plan peer to peer
FirstGiving Price Plan For Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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