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Charlton Memorial Hospital(Review)

Recently I got sick and was taken to Charlton memorial hospital.The following blog is about the things I got to know about this hospital which i didn’t knew prior to my visit.

The hospital provides a full scope of inpatient benefits and is the area’s only medical facility to offer open heart medical procedure and elective coronary angioplasty.

It treats heart rhythm through its cutting edge electrocardiography lab. At their emergency clinic in Fall River, MA, They have given continual support to area’s locale since 1885.

What kind of hospital is Charlton memorial hospital?

Charlton memorial hospital highlights include advanced surgical equipment, including the da Vinci surgical robot for cardiovascular, urological and gynecological strategies. Apart from this they also offer the orthopedic and general medical procedure.

The one thing attracts me the most is that they are innovator in women’s health and well being. Offering Fall River’s solitary maternity facility.Also Patients have got access to quality diagnostic testing services, including CT scan, MRI along with nuclear cardiology. They also have a pharmacy within the hospital.

Along with Inpatient facilities, which has got support by our hospital’s program, Charlton provides a comprehensive combination of rehabilitative administrations services and outpatient therapy treatments.

Which includes the south coast wound care center, which offers hyperbolic oxygen treatment and a dedicated outpatient restoration unit — Southeast Rehab.

What Benefits You Can
Experience At Charlton Memorial Hospital?

What Benefits You Can  Experience At Charlton Memorial Hospital?

Apart From Above Facilities They also provide following facilities

  • Medical facility for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Requesting and checking of all your medical test outcomes.
  • Drugs and medicines Prescription.
  • Counseling with our consultant.
  • Shorter emergency clinic stays and speedier discharge.

How You Can Donate To
Charlton Memorial Hospital?

There are numerous ways to get involved in helping in them.One way is to donate through Southcoast Health. Regardless of whether you are just searching for a way to give to local or have an individual associated with their medical clinics, They can help locate the right way of donations.

From the staff to the specialists to the patients, the Southcoast people group values your readiness to give. Figure out how you can help in Fall River, New Bedford, Wareham, MA or encompassing zones from the thoughts underneath.

Their Location & Direction

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