Born Free Foundation

Born Free Foundation-(International Wildlife Preserver)

Lately, I have been writing a lot about human welfare organization, so I have decided to explore other areas of charity. Through Research I have recently come across Born Free Foundation. It’s a wildlife protection organization. Continue reading to learn more. To make sure the authenticity of the information provided in my blogs, I not only include the available reviews on the internet but also interview industry experts.

what is born free foundation?

The premier focus of this organization is the preservation of wildlife by keeping the wildlife animal in the wild. The reason for keeping wild animals in the wild is to protect and nourish their natural habitat. The animal protector does it by running campaigns against keeping wild animals in captivity. They further rescue the wild animals.

Who founded born free foundation?

The foundation was initiated back in 1982 by celebrity actors Virginia Mckenna and Bill Travers. Fun fact they have got inspiration from a film name “Born free” in which they starred back in 1969. In 1982 both the stars visited the London zoo and found an elephant calf. Their first campaign was to bring that elephant calf whom they call pole pole out from the zoo. Sadly, during the transfer process pole pole died. This incident inspired the two actors to initiate an an organization named “Zoo Check,” which was then renamed Born free foundation.”

The Organisation’s current work?

Currently, They are managing funded projects in more than 20 countries across the globe. From the African continent to Asian and European content along with America, all covered by this organization. They have the following nine priorities to focus on

  1. Exploitation of captive and wild animal.
  2. Hunting of wildlife animal.
  3. Protection of wildlife from being traded.
  4. Animal rescue.
  5. Wild animal care.
  6. The rehabilitation & release of a wild animal.
  7. Making human-wildlife co-existence possible.
  8. Initiated Programs for animal protection.
  9. The wildlife protection and education.

Apart from this, they are running several cat rescue center in the South African region. They are also operating a Wildlife rescue center in Ethiopia and India.

born free foundation

Currently, they are excepting donations for the lions of Lyon. Under this donation campaign, they are trying to help 4- little lions. These lions are a few months old and found in terrible condition. They are fighting the breath-taking pain of glaucoma along with extreme hair loss. At the moment they are placed in a facility in Lyon. Your donations will help Born Free Foundation in providing them the lifetime care facilities. These lion cubs are the smallest we have ever rescued.

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