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Aschiana Foundation Building Future

In result of over 25 years of war and conflict, there is an estimated 600,000 working street children living in Afghanistan. Most of these children are girls and boys between the ages of five and sixteen years old.Aschiana Foundation is the only means of support for their families.Its a Us based charity organisation.

Many of afghan people have only a piece of bread a day.In addition to this most of them have lost parents during the conflict in Afghanistan.

Aschiana Foundation provides them with hope and a better life. This grassroots program offers them food, healthcare, literacy and vocational training.

The Aschiana Foundation in the United States raises funds to support Aschiana in Afghanistan. The main focus of the foundation’s activities has been the building of a new Children’s Center in Kabul.

Along with support for educational and humanitarian assistance programs that benefit working street children in Kabul and in outlying regions aschiana is playing vital role in human development as well.

Do You know charity is not limited to donation of food and money? Their is an area which deals with mental health charity.

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