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Americares (Providing Relief In Disaster)(2019)

Since its establishment, Americares has conveyed more than $12 billion in prescriptions, medicinal supplies and philanthropic guide to 164 nations because of cataclysmic events, common clashes and progressing well being emergencies in ruined territories.

What Is Americares Mission?

Americares mission is to spares lives and improves well being for individuals affected by destruction so they can achieve their maximum capacity.

It is a well being centered help and advancement association that reacts to individuals affected by poverty or fiasco with amazing well being projects, prescription, and medicinal supplies.

Every year, the organisation reach over 90 nations and all the 50 U.S. states with over $600 million in innovative wellbeing projects and quality restorative guide.It is the world’s driving philanthropic supplier of gave medication and medicinal supplies.

For individuals affected by neediness or catastrophe, well being is fundamental. With great welfare, individuals can go to class, be profitable at work, care for their families and add to stable networks. Weakness puts the majority of that in danger. Well being is crucial to all parts of improvement.

How Americares Work In Time Of Crisis?

It sorts out crisis reaction groups to convey directly required Aid. Such Aid incorporates medications, therapeutic supplies, water or water filtration medicines and other assets. In 2012, The organisation has reacted to 24 crises in 18 nations.

What Are Americares Projects?

  1. Following Hurricane Sandy (2012), Americares conveyed crisis supplies for more than 400,000 individuals in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York including covers, spotlights, filtered water and medical aid units. It keeps on giving post-crisis alleviation the to portable therapeutic center used to help therapeutic services offices powerless to treat patients on account of tempest harm and power blackouts.
  2. The organisation has sent $6 million in restorative support following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Among noticeable contributors, actress Jennifer Aniston appreciated the organizations work in Haiti with an advantage screening. Since at that point, the organization has given the nation more than $60 million in help for immunizations, maternal well being, cholera anticipation, and well being laborers training.
  3. In light of the Japan seismic tremor and wave in 2011, They sent near $6 million in therapeutic supplies and philanthropic aid. The progressing recuperation work in Japan incorporates reestablishing restorative and dental centers and psychosocial programs for survivors.

Where is Americares headquartered?

It is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. The association has workplaces in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Sendai, Japan and Mumbai, India. It works three distribution centers, one each in the U.S., Europe, and India.

Team Members

Michael J. Nyenhuis
Anne Peterson
Jed Selkowitz
Kevin Gilrain
Rick Trowbridge
Diana Maguire
Melissa Woolford
Rachel Granger
Shripad Desai
Martha Kennard
Ani Quijano
Bryan Hanson
Karen Gottlieb
Geoff Kneisel

Team Lead

Jon Hillery

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