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9 Places For Book Donation

There is a saying ” A room without books is like a body without a soul”.

For many people the most problematic item to declutter is old used book.However, probably the most typical questions I get asked is, Where do I go for book donation?

It is an intriguing paradox whenever you think about it. However, the battle and the question are related. Books are a valuable part of our lives. Whenever we decide it is time to separate from them, we wish to know they’re going to a beautiful house where they may continue to improve and improve other people’s lives.

Whenever we decide it is time to separate from them, we wish to know they’re going to a beautiful house where they may continue to improve and improve other people’s lives.

To supply a thoughtful and comprehensive response to the question above, I have spent time exploring the most current and up-to-date book donation places for your gently used books.

Where To Donate Used Books (Top 9 Places)

Salvation Army Donation

salvation army donation

The salvation army or salvation army donation is among the world’s largest suppliers of social help. Adult Rehabilitation Centers are the beneficiaries of donations from salvation army shops.

where people from the grasp of addiction find hope, support, and a second chance in life. Find a location near you.

Goodwill Donation Center

Goodwill Donation Center

Goodwill donations is a non-profit business that offers job training, employment placement services, along with other community – based programs for those who’ve obstacles preventing them from otherwise getting a job. They’re frequently conveniently located.

Best place for your precious book donation

Donation Town

donation town

Donation Town connects donors with charities all around the country that offer donation pickup service. Use their web site to locate local charities prepared to pick up your slightly used book donation.

kids need to read

kids need to read

Kids need to Read functions to create a culture of learning for kids by providing inspiring books to the underfunded libraries, schools, and literacy programs across the US, especially those serving disadvantaged children.

As a policy kids need to read organisation accept like fresh, kid’s books which aren’t scribbled upon or visibly damaged.

African Library Project

african library project

ALP(African library project) is devoted to creating African libraries by coordinating the shipment of used books through book drives from the United States. You can find a local book drive or even better, organize your very own.

Better World Books

better world books

BWB(better world books) collects and sells books online to donate books and fund literacy initiatives globally. You may find out more about their donations procedure here.

Books for Soldiers / Operation Paperback/Books for Troops

Books for Soldiers ,Operation Paperback ,and Books for Troops collects easily used books.They then sends them to American troops abroad, in addition to veterans and military families at home. To start the dispatch process, sign up here.

books for soldiers

Books for Africa

book for africa

BFA or Books for Africa collects, types, ships, and distributes books to pupils of all ages in Africa.with the objective of finishing the book scarcity in Africa.

Books Through Bars.

Books Through Bars

BTB or Books through Bars functions to give excellent reading material to prisoners in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

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